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18 May 2021


Help raise awareness of diabetes by taking part in the EU Health Prize for Journalists

You are a journalist interested in health? You write about diabetes?

You could be a winner of the EU Health Prize for Journalists!

Now in its 5th edition, the prize aims to stimulate and award high quality journalism that raises awareness about good health, healthcare and patients' rights. The Prize is now open to 28 European countries, in view of Croatia's accession on 1 July.

This year’s themes are preventing illness, healthcare, health systems and patients' rights. Most notably, diabetes has been identified as one of the themes to submit an article. Journalists are invited to submit articles that have appeared in print or in on-line publications between 01/08/2012 and 30/09/2013.

A national finalist for each EU country will be nominated by a national jury. The national finalists will then compete for the EU level prizes: € 6 500 for the winner, € 4 000 for the second prize and € 2 500 for the third prize. All national finalists will be invited to Brussels for a media seminar followed by a prestigious awards ceremony hosted by the EU Health Commissioner, Tonio Borg.

The EU Health Prize for Journalists is an opportunity to raise awareness of diabetes that we cannot miss! If you are a journalist writing about diabetes, of if you know a journalist who has written a stand-out piece on diabetes, we encourage you to spread the word and submit the article, and be a winner of the 2013 EU Health Prize for Journalists!

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