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18 May 2021


Europe regional stand at 2013 World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne: share you story!

Melbourne Exhibition CentreThe 2013 IDF World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne (2-6 December) is getting closer and closer.
As you already know, this year, the Global Village gathering all diabetes associations around the world will be divided into 7 regional stands, to reflect the 7 world regions of IDF.

To give visibility to all the inspiring projects carried out across Europe, European diabetes associations have been divided into 4 sub-regional groups, which will separately occupy the European Region stand and exhibit their projects on different days.  

Below the 4 sub-regional groups and the day that has been allocated to each one of them:

1.    Central European & EU Accessing Countries 2004: Tuesday 3 December 2013
2.    Eastern European Countries: Wednesday 4 December 2013
3.    EU Countries: Thursday 5 December 2013
4.    Nordic Countries and United Kingdom: Friday 6 December 2013

We need you to share your story and inspire the diabetes community worldwide!

The European Regional stand is a unique opportunity to come together and inspire congress participants through promoting innovative initiatives and campaigns and to show how diabetes associations can work together beyond borders to raise awareness of diabetes.

We encourage all the associations in each of the sub-regional groups to work and exchange ideas together to identify common themes and interactive ways of promoting and informing congress participants about their projects.

Here are a few tips to get started:

• Identify commons themes: are health inequalities a common theme in your sub-region? Do you have a sub-regional summit that increases cooperation between countries and allow you to share and use best practices? Are you involved in twinning projects with other countries?
• Use presentations, videos and games to attract Congress participants to your stand and showcase your projects
• Don’t forget to involve Youth Groups and Youth advocates for diabetes

To help you prepare for this event, a detailed plan and visuals of the IDF Europe stand with dimensions and exhibition furniture (i.e. display shelves, TV screen, tables, etc.) is also available.

For more information about the European Regional stand at the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, contact Jessica Orazio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.