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18 May 2021


Youth advocates from all over Europe gather for 3rd Youth Leadership Camp

Rogla 2012 cyclingIDF Europe will host its 3rd Youth Leadership Camp this July. This year 24 youth diabetes advocates from 23 different European countries, will gather together in Tirrenia, Italy, for a week of intense experience-sharing and peer-to-peer learning.

Building up on the two previous camps, the 5-day camp will include sports activities and workshop on advocacy, public relations and how to consolidate the diabetes movement in Europe.

Young people with diabetes are powerful advocates for diabetes and key actors to support IDF Europe’s outreach. Besides bringing new perspectives to our work as a federation, close collaboration with youth advocates in essential to raise awareness of diabetes. As more and more children and young people develop diabetes, it is vital that the voice of youth be heard - now more than ever.

More than a standalone event, the camp has laid the foundations for a pan-European network of Youth Advocates for diabetes that actively contributes to IDF Europe’s work.  Our Federation can now count on a network of around 50 Youth Advocates from all over Europe. This network will further expand with each edition of the camp.

An inevitable result of the camp is peer-to-peer learning. Back in their countries, youth advocates are inspired and motivated to get more involved in raising awareness of diabetes. The many national or local youth groups and successful initiatives stemming from the camp are further proof of its success.

For more information about the Youth Leadership Camp, click here or contact Katie Gallagher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.