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19 October 2021


Promoting fruit and vegetables

WDD 2012 27The AREFLH, Assembly of the European Regions producing Fruit, Vegetables and Plants, has just published the Initiatives Guide for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetables called Regio' Com with a view to develop food education programmes in Europe. This study places the emphasis on the measures and communication and education events related to fruit and vegetables in schools and the general public in 6 European countries:  France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Greece. The initiatives of twenty-six European areas could therefore be gathered.

Regio' Com is therefore a mine of information and ideas to promote fruit and vegetables consumption in Europe from different organizations - from producer’s organizations to regional authorities, including educational farms and associations against obesity.

The guide is available for free download in four languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian) on AREFLH website.