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19 October 2021


‘Eurobarometer’ survey: the challenges of getting Europeans active

eurobarometerPhysical activity is beneficial for good health, weight management and prevention of chronic diseases. It is recognised as beneficial to social, emotional and cognitive states. In a move to support and inform European health promotion policy, the European Commission carried out a survey to assess how physically active citizens of the European Union are.

The survey highlights that the majority of Europeans do not engage enough in sport and health-enhancing physical activity. Women in general – and young women in particular – are far less active than their male counterparts. Also of concern is the extremely high level of inactivity above the age of 55, especially since lack of activity and age are important risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes.

The Special Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity report was published in  March this year, following the comparable surveys from 2002 and 2009. Around 1,000 respondents from each of the 28 EU Member States were interviewed face-to-face in their mother tongue. Formal exercise and sport, and engagement in other types of physical activities such as cycling, dancing and gardening were assessed, along with time spent walking, or on sedentary habits such as sitting at a desk or watching TV.

Click here for more information and to download the report.