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04 June 2023

News from Europe

NeuroDiab: partering to combat diabetic neuropathy

NeuRoDiabDiabetic neuropathy is one of the most common disabling complications of diabetes. From numbness to chronic pain, and including amputations, diabetic neuropathy can have an irreversible and devastating impact on the lives of people who develop this complication.

In order to improve prevention, early diagnosis and proper treatment of diabetic neuropathy – and more specifically of diabetic foot -, a group of Romanian and international specialists in diabetic foot care (neurology, surgery, podiatry, nursing) have joined forces with people with diabetes to create NeuroDiab, the Romanian Society for Diabetic Neuropathy.

Rather than a traditional group of medical experts, NeuroDiab includes people with diabetes and their families, and also targets policy-makers and the general public through its activities. “Our priorities range from ensuring healthcare professionals are continuously trained in diabetic neuropathy to carrying on social reintegration programmes for people who are affected by this condition”, says Daniel-Tudor Cosma from the Center for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic diseases of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. “We also reach out to policy-makers and competent institutions to promote legislation which promote prevention and care of diabetic neuropathy, as well as carry out public information campaigns.”

The wide scope of NeuroDiab’s mission is reflected in the variety of activities it is leading on a yearly basis. These include a Summer School, now in its fourth edition, to train young healthcare professionals on diabetic neuropathy, workshops for people with diabetes to educate them about the condition and provide a support group, and the “Together for Sports and Diabetes” campaign promoting physical activity to people with diabetes to delay the onset of complications.

“Our motto is inspired by the words of Henry Ford: coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success,” adds Daniel. “This reflects the very aim of NeuroDiab: to be a reliable partner in the prevention and care team of people who are striving to improve the lives of people with diabetes and those at risk.”

You can find more information on NeuroDiab on their webpage and their Facebook page.