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04 June 2023

News from Europe

Uzbekistan: educating HCPs on prevention and early diagnosis

UzbekhistanWorld Diabetes Day celebrations in Uzbekistan focused on prevention and early diagnosis this year, with a series of initiatives aimed at healthcare professionals, people with diabetes and individuals at risk led by the Tashkent Charity Association for people with disabilities and people with diabetes – UMID.

Activities kicked off on 6 November and were spread throughout November, including seminars to educate healthcare professionals on prevention and early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
The seminars were attended by more than 260 family doctors from medical centres from across the country.

Family doctors shared that they often had to deal with people with diabetes on a daily basis, and that this required them to be trained and receive adequate support, including educational material, guidelines and updates on the latest treatment models available. Participants agreed that educational seminars and trainings should be organised on a more regular basis to allow them to give adequate treatment advice and support to people with diabetes.

Reaching out to the general public, the association also organised a Diabetes Walk to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle on 15 November, as well as a screening event, during which more than 150 people got their blood glucose tested, with those identified at risk receiving medical advice.

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