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29 September 2020

News from Europe

Sweden: World Diabetes Day takes over social media

Sweden 1Youth advocates took over social media to mark World Diabetes Day this year. Ung Diabetes, the youth group of the Swedish Diabetes Association, led a campaign on Instagram in the run-up to World Diabetes Day with the hashtag #diabetesvardag (”everyday life with diabetes”).

A guest was invited to take over Ung Diabetes’ account during a week, and posted pictures of their every life with diabetes. The aim of the initiative was to show that diabetes is a condition which each individual experiences differently. Posts and messages were shared on other social media channels, including Facebook.

The response to the campaign was very positive, with many followers commenting and sharing their own experiences on Instagram and realising that, despite the differences, people with diabetes are all connected because of the daily challenges they face.

The Instagram campaign was such a success that Ung Diabetes will continue feeding their account with guest posts throughout the year. You can view Ung Diabetes’ Instagram account here.

Ung Diabetes and the Swedish Diabetes Association also took part in a one-day conference aimed at healthcare professionals and policy makers which was organised by Dagens Medicin, Sweden’s biggest news magazine and website looking at healthcare issues. Cajsa Lindberg, youth advocate from Ung Diabetes and participant to the 2014 IDF Europe youth leadership camp, spoke at the event as a moderator during a discussion on how to improve patient involvement in the delivery of care.

More information is available here.

The Swedish Diabetes Association also organised their WDD conference, reaching out to the general public. The event was organised in collaboration with the Children’s Diabetes Research Foundation and Lund University Diabetes Center, and aimed at raising awareness of the importance to continue funding research to find better treatments and a cure for diabetes.

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