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29 September 2020

News from Europe

Slovenia: empowering people with diabetes

The importance of empowering people with diabetes to help them make informed decisions about their condition was one of the main points of focus during World Diabetes Day celebrations in Slovenia this year.

SLODA, the Slovenian Diabetes Association, kicked off celebrations with a national Conference on Diabetes hosted by the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health on 12 November. The event gathered more than 100 delegates, including policy makers, healthcare professionals and people with diabetes. A panel of experts looked at how to improve prevention and early diagnosis, but also at how to integrate patient empowerment within the national diabetes plan.

Patient empowerment continued to be on focus at a roundtable event organised by SLODA on World Diabetes Day, which looked at “Opportunities and challenges in diabetes management”. There again, the event was a success, gathering more than 70 participants from key stakeholder in the delivery of diabetes care, who all committed to work towards improving patient empowerment so that, in turn, people with diabetes can improve their quality of life.

Reaching out to the general public was also one of SLODA’s objectives. To this end the association organised a Diabetes Walk on 14 November in Ljubljana, crossing the main avenues and public squares of the country’s capital. Along the route, a series of awareness raising activities were conducted, including blood glucose testing and distribution of educational material on diabetes and healthy lifestyles.

Slovenia 1SLODA also reached out to young children and teenagers with the 16th edition of “My Knowledge of Diabetes” competition in primary schools and high schools across the country.  Over 380 schools took part in the drawing contest, while more than 100 school teachers attended lectures on diabetes, its causes and complications, as well as on the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity, especially for children and teenager.

Last but not least, the Slovenian Diabetes Association also took part in the Blue Monument Challenge, with more than 20 historical landmarks and famous building lit in blue across the country on 14 November.

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