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29 September 2020

News from Europe

Moldova: improving access to diabetes treatment

Diabetes medicines and devicesWorld Diabetes Day celebrations focused on access to diabetes treatment, still a key issue in the Republic of Moldova.
The country’s national diabetes association, PRODIAB, organised a series of campaigning activities highlighting the importance of devices such as glucometers test strips, needles and pens to be reimbursed by authorities and be made available to people with diabetes to ensure proper management of their condition.

The association also held a series of seminars and trainings for family doctors and nurses about diabetes management and diabetes prevention for people at risk.

In addition to this, PRODIAB also led a nation-wide screening in numerous public spaces including pharmacies, healthcare centres, schools, universities and town halls.

For more information, contact the association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.