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29 September 2020

News from Europe

Bulgaria: Healthy living and diabetes

bulgaria 2Under IDF’s moto for World Diabetes Day 2014, Healthy living and diabetes, the Bulgarian Diabetes Association led a series of initiatives to mark this important time of the year for the diabetes community.

The campaign was launched on 30 October with a press conference outlining the tireless work of Bulgarian associations targeting national authorities to ensure proper medical care and support for self-management for people with diabetes.

On 14 November, youth advocates from the association gathered in the centre of the country’s capital, Sofia, to do a flash mob and form a human blue circle to raise awareness of World Diabetes Day amongst the general public.

The following day, the Bulgarian Diabetes Association followed-up with a national seminar on diabetes care and management. The seminar provided a platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience on a range of topics including advances in diabetes care and progress on the national diabetes register in the country.

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