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02 October 2023

News from Europe

Cyprus: united against diabetes

cyprus 1World Diabetes Day was marked by numerous events in Cyprus this year. On 10 November, local diabetes associations first held a mini football tournament –with the support of local and national authorities- which had 14 football teams competing part to raise awareness of diabetes and the benefits of sports for diabetes prevention and management.

Ahead of the event, the Chairman of the Nicosia Diabetes District Committee promoted the football tournament during a press conference and various interviews with radio stations. This ensured high visibility for the tournament, with the event’s website getting 40,000 daily clicks.

cyprus 3Raising awareness of diabetes

The Cyprus Diabetes Association carried out a series of initiatives to raise awareness of diabetes amongst the public. These included information kiosks in highly-visited places and squares in the country’s capital, Nicosia. Visitors coming at the kiosks could have their blood glucose and blood pressure tested. In the afternoon of 14 November, the association organised a walk throughout the city with the support of a Scouts group. Later on, the Cyprus Cycling Club took over with a special bike ride for diabetes.

cyprus 2In Limassol, the diabetes community organised a photo exhibition to raise awareness of diabetes and discrimination, with students of a local high school forming the blue circle. That initiative was also followed up by an evening walk to raise awareness of diabetes.

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