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02 October 2023

News from Europe

Croatia celebrating World Diabetes Day

Croatia 4The Croatian Diabetes Association (CDA) made sure the country went blue on World Diabetes Day with several initiatives to raise awareness of diabetes both amongst the general public and policy-makers.

The association carried out a two-week awareness raising campaign from 3 to 17 November in association with public transports in various cities across the country with posters “How much do you know about diabetes” and “Know the warning signs” appearing on trams and buses.
Croatia 3Leaflets and posters echoing the campaign messages were also distributed in healthcare centres and healthcare professionals’ premises across the country.

CDA also engaged with policy makers on 14 November at a Public Forum focusing on Current and future policies for the protection of people with diabetes in Croatia. Participants at the forum included the Ministerof Health, the President of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, the President of Institute for Public Health as well as people with diabetes.

CDA was also present in the national parliament with a testing event that saw more than 150 members of parliament getting their blood glucose level tested. A great success, the event also received wide media coverage.
Elsewhere, several testing and sporting events - including a water polo match in Zagreb - were also organised across the country.

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