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02 October 2023

News from Europe

Austria: Exercise as the most powerful weapon against diabetes

Austria 1On 15 September, the Austrian Diabetes Association (Österreichische Diabetes Gesellschaft’s - ÖDG) organized the eighth edition of its Nordic City Walk.

The event aims at highlighting the importance and benefits of exercise as the most powerful weapon in the fight against diabetes. Physical activity is the best diabetes prevention and one of the main therapeutic approaches for people with diabetes.

“Fitness against diabetes” is the motto of this year’s edition of the Nordic City Walk. The first step is always particularly hard to take. That is why the Nordic City Walk was created to act as a support and motivation for its participants to take that first step together. After all, exercise is much more fun if you do it in a group.
That’s why the experts of the ÖDG organise the Nordic City Walk every year inviting all people with diabetes and their families, as well as sports aficionados of any age group and all those who keep making the resolution Austria 3to get some exercise. All the participants are supported by experienced Nordic walking trainers to make sure everyone can join in the fun.

Exercise is the best medicine

Dr. Claudia Francesconi is a firm believer that physical activity is the best medicine. She works for the diabetes and metabolism walk-in clinic of the WGKK health centre for central Vienna and is chief organiser of the ÖDG Nordic City Walk. “Fit against diabetes – our motto for this year’s Nordic City Walk – aims to highlight the importance of being physically fit", she said. "Not only so we are fitter when we are engaging in some sports activity, but in order to be fitter for our everyday lives. There are all sorts of obligations in our work or social spheres that tend to let us forget that our bodies need to be kept fit in order to stay healthy, to prevent developing certain diseases like diabetes, and to deal with everyday stress. That’s why we walk together: to make a difference. Fit people live longer – and better.”

Austria 2Nordic Walking – a trendy sport with a health bonus

Nordic Walking is the ideal sport to guard against being overweight, and it is perfectly suited for diabetics to gain control of their blood glucose levels and prevent dangerous deuteropathies. It’s a sport that’s easy to learn and, you can do it almost wherever you are.

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