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02 October 2023

News from Europe

Let's talk... insulin pump! France to launch community website dedicated to insulin pump

FranceWhat are the advantages of the insulin pump? Is it for me? How to choose my pump? What’s everyday life with a pump?  How do I travel with it?

Many people with diabetes are dealing with many questions and doubts about insulin pump treatment at some point in their lives.

To answer all these, the French Diabetes Federation (AFD) will launch a unique online platform providing information and interactive discussions with people with diabetes, healthcare professionals or diabetolgist for all those concerned about the insulin pump therapy.

The online community called “Let’s talk… Insulin Pump!” will be launched end of October 2013. The platform will offer comprehensive information on the insulin pump, its use and treatment implications but also give subscribers the opportunity to talk about it.

Subscribers will have the opportunity to share their own experiences, ask questions to healthcare professionals and diabetologists, and take part in online seminars and video conferences.

The AFD is looking forward to welcome you to its new online community: together were are stronger to cope with diabetes!

To stay informed about the platform launch, sign up here: