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02 October 2023

News from Europe

Healthy eating and active living in Greece

Greece 2Conscious that a healthy diet cannot be separated from regular physical activity to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, the Hellenic Diabetes Association has developed a series of tools and publications and organized awareness raising events focusing on both sports and good nutrition.  

Besides organising numerous workshops and seminars on healthy eating and nutrition, the Greek association published this year the second edition of its “Nutritional Guide for Diabetes”. The publication is a gold mine of tips on healthy eating, recipes and it also includes a very useful and detailed list of foods and their carbohydrate content. Available in two formats (full edition and pocket book), the guide is distributed for free and has proven to be a valuable educational tool both for people with diabetes and the general public.

Greece 1To complement these activities on food and nutrition, the Hellenic Diabetes Association organises regular sports event that highlight both the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating to prevent or manage diabetes. The most recent was a very successful bike ride in Athens that gathered more than 600 amateur cyclists to raise awareness of diabetes, physical activity and healthy eating.

The mini bicycle tour included open-air healthy cooking lessons at the finish line with Greek celebrity chef Vangelis Driskas, author of The Ultimate Greek Cookbook.

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