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02 October 2023

News from Europe

France celebrates successful National Diabetes Prevention week

France photoFor the second year in a row, the French Diabetes Association (AFD) held a National Diabetes Prevention Week from 3 to 9 June.

Building up on last year’s campaign, the AFD called again on the Dalton Brothers from the Lucky Luke comic book to help raise awareness of diabetes, and most importantly, of diabetes prevention. Under the slogan “Diabetes: don’t get caught”, the French Diabetes Association led a fully-fledged campaign including presence on the street, in the media and online.

The online platform (“Against diabetes”) was the true corner stone of the campaign. Built in 2012 for the first National Diabetes Prevention Week, the website saw the number of visitors double during the campaign week. In total, online and on the streets, 100,000 people took the diabetes risk test. 7.3% of them were identified as being at risk, and were advised to follow-up with a health care professional.

Campagne AFDTo relay the campaign messages at local level, the AFD was able to count on the invaluable support of its 105 local associations. Altogether, they organized a total of 350 awareness-raising events with presence on town and city squares, supermarkets and malls, where educational material and free blood-glucose testing were carried out.

Pharmacists also supported the campaign by informing the public and carrying out free blood-glucose testing.

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You can also watch the Dalton Brothers campaign video here.