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04 June 2023

News from Europe

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Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts 1st international meeting of people with diabetes 12 November 2014
UK: when it comes to education, type doesn’t matter 20 October 2014
Azerbaijan: diabetes education – a prerequisite for positive health outcomes 15 October 2014
Albania: empowering all the actors involved in diabetes care 10 October 2014
1,500 bikers face up to 2nd highest mountain in the Alps to raise awareness of diabetes 08 July 2014
Germany: Diabetes campaign takes centre stage during 2014 World Cup 08 July 2014
Serbia: playing hoops and scoring goals for diabetes 08 July 2014
Turkey: a long tradition of promoting sports and healthy lifestyles to change diabetes 08 July 2014
Romania: understanding the benefits of sports through research 07 July 2014
World cup fever gains Spain 07 July 2014
Lithuania hosts 3rd sports competition: "Diabetes is a not a barrier to sports" 07 July 2014
Slovenia holds 19th Sports and Entertainment meeting for people with diabetes 07 July 2014
Russia: Olympic Games for children and adolescents promote active lifestyles 04 July 2014
Czech Republic: making physical activity an integral part of diabetes care 04 July 2014
The Italian Association of Athletes with Diabetes invites you for a 10k run 15 April 2014
ESWI announces 5th conference in Riga on 14-17 September 2014 31 March 2014
Diabetes prevention and diagnosis: reaching out to vulnerable groups in Portugal 14 March 2014
Kazakhstan: children being refused education because of diabetes 11 March 2014
Switzerland: producing evidence to combat discrimination 11 March 2014
Romania: when living with diabetes is a barrier for sports 11 March 2014