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21 August 2017

News from Europe

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Young Leaders in Sweden go on a fitness boot camp 26 June 2013
Biking to the top: amateur cyclists with diabetes climb Stelvio Pass 26 June 2013
Learn how to eat healthy with the Croatian Diabetes Association 26 June 2013
Ukraine: promoting healthy and active living through football 24 June 2013
Breaking down the barriers of long distance to improve the lives of people with diabetes 20 June 2013
Associations across Italy gather for 3rd National Diabetes Volunteering congress 31 May 2013
Diabetes Bloggers wanted! Tweet it, Post it, Share it! 21 May 2013
Croatia hits the treadmill to raise awareness of diabetes 30 April 2013
Finland: “One Life” to join forces and improve public health 21 March 2013
Kazakhstan: improving access to care for people with type 2 diabetes 21 March 2013
Croatian Diabetes Association to hold its 11th Diabetes Congress 20 March 2013
Serbia: education is the key 20 March 2013
Italy: running from the mountains to the sea 20 March 2013
Latvia: our fight against diabetes, 20 years on 20 March 2013
Germany: Sport as therapy 20 March 2013
The Netherlands: Get sports advice from Olympic gold medalist 20 March 2013
Biking fever gains Belgium 20 March 2013
Diabetes Peer-to-Peer: Turkey reaches out to people with diabetes 20 March 2013
Portugal: changing behaviours through sports 20 March 2013
Albania: improving health outcomes through education and prevention 20 March 2013