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02 October 2023

News from Europe

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Congratulations Dr Michael Hall! 29 August 2017
EU-funded project F4D featured in EU Press Release 27 February 2017
Diabetes expert: Urgent need for education ‘at every level’ 17 January 2017
Andriukaitis: E-health can empower patients to manage diabetes 17 January 2017
Malta Diabetes Association co-hosts the Diabetes national awareness talk by Prof. Robert Lustig 30 March 2016
Sweden: Youth leadership weekend creates strong group of advocates 11 August 2015
Germany: Youth raise money and awareness with online game charity 10 August 2015
United Kingdom: Toolkit to empower young adults 10 August 2015
Portugal: Youth camps improve relationships between patients and healthcare professionals 10 August 2015
Ireland: Teen Activity Days empower young people with type 1 diabetes 10 August 2015
NeuroDiab: partering to combat diabetic neuropathy 01 April 2015
Helping people with diabetes see the world in bright colours 25 March 2015
Portugal: Taking diabetes research to the next level 24 March 2015
Reducing chronic fatigue in people with type 1 diabetes 20 March 2015
A family affair: prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of type 2 diabetes 18 March 2015
Breaking taboos: diabetes at the workplace 16 March 2015
Sports and diabetes: making it easy 05 March 2015
The DiRECT road to remission: type 2 diabetes and low-calorie diet 24 February 2015
Prevention and healthy lifestyles on focus in Turkey for World Diabetes Day 26 November 2014
Uzbekistan: educating HCPs on prevention and early diagnosis 26 November 2014