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30 June 2022

Movers & Shakers

Meet Sandra Bršec Rolih, IDF Europe Board Member from Croatia

Sandra Bršec Rolih was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1 in 2004. She became Vice president of the Croatian Diabetes Association in 2012 and since 2013 has been very active with IDF Europe, as member of the Board and of a number of committees.

In both organizations Sandra is involved in joint projects, lectures, conferences and decision making processes of all stakeholders regarding issues relevant to people living with diabetes. Her responsibility is to present the work, mission and projects of both IDF Europe and the Croatian Diabetes Association to partners, supporters and new members.

Sandra places great importance in working closely and directly with other people living with diabetes. She is proud to be an initiator and a president of the local Diabetes Association Zapresic and a Vice president of the Regional Coordination of Diabetees Clubs and Diabetes Associations of Zagreb and Zagreb County.

Besides activities and involvement in the diabetes community, Sandra is also active as a member of Transparency International Croatia, a non-government organization which monitors and publicizes corporate and political corruption in international development. She is also a Vice president of the Webster University Alumni Chapter Croatia.

Professionally, Sandra works as a Head of Finance in Zagreb, Croatia. Sandra completed her MBA studies in Marketing at JJ. Strossmayer University, Faculty of Economics (Croatia) and is currently completing her PhD in Organization and Management. 

Slika Sandra

Being diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago brought unavoidable changes to my life. On top of changes in my daily habits, diet and lifestyle I experienced changes in the way I perceived others. I felt the need to share my experience of diabetes with other people living with the disease, to talk about possibilities rather than disabilities; motivations rather than complications; and appreciation of life with diabetes in comparison with the despair and depression many felt.

IDF Europe is a respected organization in all areas regarding diabetes and a strong voice for patients and healthcare professionals. It provides an inclusive space for different stakeholder perspectives, all aiming at bringing about meaningful changes for those living with diabetes or at risk. IDF Europe's vision includes the hope for the future I wish for all people living with diabetes - a world without diabetes, and its mission brings about extraordinary efforts to make the life of people living with diabetes easier and better while getting there. It was a great honour for me to be elected to the board of IDF Europe and I will contribute my knowledge, experience and unwavering motivation to reaching its goals“.