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02 October 2023

Movers & Shakers

Meet Elodie Besnier, Researcher at IDF Europe

Elodie 2Elodie joined IDF Europe early March this year, to work on the survey on access to quality medicines and medical devices for diabetes care in Europe. Holder of a master’s degree in International Affairs and Global Health of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Institute of Political Studies) of Paris, France, she is passionate about health issues.

“On the one hand, from a research point of view, health is a topic that brings together many –if not all- fields of research: economics, politics, sciences, sociology, law and many mores. I find it fascinating how a single topic can make all these fields interact. As a life-long condition and because of its ties with people’s environment and lifestyle, diabetes is a perfect illustration of that,” Elodie comments.  
“On the other hand, and from a more personal point of view, I can’t really accept that one’s health can be jeopardized just because this person wasn’t born in the “right” country or environment.”

Besides working on a subject that she loves, what she found in IDF Europe is a dynamic and multicultural environment: “I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with people with so different backgrounds, experience and from so many cultures.”

When asked about her biggest dream, Elodie answers humbly. “I’d like to leave things in a better shape than the one I found them in - or at least bring my own little contribution to improve them”.

Favourite quote:  “Only by trying over and over can we finally succeed. Thus, the more you fail, the more likely you are to succeed.”

Favourite movie: Either Beeltejuice or Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton – I have a thing for improbable worlds and crazy characters!