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30 September 2020


Council of Europe: the right to the protection of health

iStock 000022716849SmallHealth protection is one of the top priorities of the Council of Europe.

The fundamental right to health protection is safeguarded by the Council of Europe’s Social Charter. The Council seeks to encourage closer European co-operation in this area and create the conditions for protecting and improving Europeans’ health.

The main activities aim to make health services more democratic and more humane, firstly by proposing policies ensuring fair access to high-quality health care and secondly by promoting full and responsible participation by patients and citizens. Prevention and health education are also among the Council of Europe’s priorities.

To help Member States strenghthen health protection, ensure access to quality health care and improve citizens' consultation for matters linked to health protection, the Council of Europe launched an initiative entitled "Citizens' consultation platform on the right to the protection of health", which is carried out under the supervision of the European Committee for Social Cohesion (CDCS).

Launched in 2012, the project includes the following initiatives:


These and other resources are available on the Council of Europe's website. For any additional question you may have on the work of the Council of Europe and how this can help support your diabetes advocacy work, contact Mominat Omarova, President of the Diabetes Association of Azerbaijan and IDF Europe Board Member, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.