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19 October 2021


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IDF Europe calls for better implementation of policies for diabetes prevention and care 21 November 2014
Lack of implementation of policies leaves Europe losing the battle against diabetes 14 November 2014
Polish Diabetes Association and Dr Joana Gaspar receive 2014 IDF Prizes in Diabetes 05 November 2014
Join us for Diabetes Awareness Week in the European Parliament 20 October 2014
Missed our Symposium on patient education in a digital world? Watch the replay here! 10 October 2014
Oral health and diabetes: CED and IDF Europe celebrate European Oral Health Day 12 September 2014
Youth advocates from all over Europe come together for the 4th Youth Leadership Camp 04 July 2014
Economics of chronic diseases: a European burden 10 June 2014
Empowering patients and citizens to become more involved in medicines develpoment 27 May 2014
Eye-drops to treat diabetic retinopathy: update on EUROCONDOR clinical trial 05 May 2014
Apply to the 2014 IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes! 25 April 2014
9 people out of 10 die of a chronic disease in Europe 04 April 2014
Policy Puzzle survey: have your say on the evolution of diabetes policies in your country! 11 March 2014
Council of Europe: the right to the protection of health 11 March 2014
Making fundamental rights a reality for everyone 11 March 2014
Application opens for European Patients' Academy Expert training course 07 March 2014
Obesity, smoking and sedentary lifestyles put women at high risk of diabetes 07 March 2014
Members of Parliament across Europe demand action on diabetes 10 February 2014
Ingredients for a healthy lifestyle: IDF Europe celebrates WDD at the European Parliament 27 November 2013
Prof Assal and Dr Lukacs win 2013 IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes 13 November 2013